We the undersigned completely oppose the British Parliament’s unprecedented efforts to force the British abortion regime into the north of Ireland.

Last week, Westminster violated the Good Friday Agreement, the devolution of powers to the north of Ireland and the principle of self-determination when British MPs voted to impose one of the world’s most extreme abortion regimes on the north.

This is an anti-democratic decision made by British politicians who have no mandate in Ireland and who know have no understanding or personal investment in our country.

We oppose the facilitation of this decision by representatives of political parties who were elected on with a mandate to oppose direct rule from London.

We affirm our commitment to the equal right to life of every individual living human being in Ireland.  The right to life is primary human right. Without it no other right can be guaranteed. Since 1967, abortion has caused the deaths of more than 9 million humans in Britain. Since January this year the abortion rate has tripled in the south of Ireland.

Call to Action

We are asking that all those opposed to the British Parliament’s efforts to impose abortion on the north of Ireland to make known their opposition. Silence at this crucial time means being complicit.

We are asking that people who seek Irish self-determination, Irish unity and independence, and republicans and nationalists in particular, to make clear your opposition to the parties that have facilitated British Parliament’s imposition of Abortion on Ireland.